More than just photoshop

Before putting something out in public, there is more than just photoshop to achieve the image each advertiser would like to succeed.

To achieve the perfect image advertisers would go through different steps before the final product is displayed in the public’s eye. For example, Victoria Secret goes through multiple casting sessions before choosing the ‘perfect’ candidate for the runway.

The video itself shows that models must be in proportion and must be beautiful. Even though we see more plus sized models in the modelling industry. Companies still look seek for those who meet their guidelines such as height, measurement and weight.

Not only are the models beautiful already, they are forced to sit on chairs for hours to get their makeup and hair to perfection. Once make- up and hair is completed, models will then be directed as to where their body parts should go in order to achieve the image required.

The hours put into casting, make-up and hair and then actually taking the picture isn’t considered the final product as editing is needed to be made. Most magazine companies do use Photoshop as an editing tool to produce the perfect image they envisioned, unless they have clearly stated they did not.

Once editing is completed, it will then be printed on magazines, posters and place in the public’s eye.

Watch this short clip that perfectly summarises what goes on before a photo shot



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  1. one44p · October 25, 2016

    omg so scandelous! I’m outraged! SMH


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