Collaboration: The Standard Male X Photoshop Ain’t Real

When we talk about the fashion industry, pressure by media, body image and mental health we tend to think about females, young or old. But what about men? Men’s have feelings too!


In recent years, there have a been a greater target towards men and the perceptive of males such that the media has highlighted the ideal males should be “youthful, masculine, successful and attractive.” Due to these pressures, males are falling into the traps of physically harming their body’s like females.  The most common disorder is “exercise bulimia” which is referred to males spending a ridiculous amount of time in exercising to burn off the extra calories. Just like females, males are also retouched by digital editing and makeup to meet the fashion industry and media standard.


The Try Guy video below highlights the perfect description of male insecurity and visual idea as to what happens behind the scene before a photo shoot and what happens to these pictures before they are published publicly.



Just like The Standard Male, Photoshop Ain’t Real is a hub where we aim to not only generate greater awareness but we believe that tougher rules and regulations must be placed within the fashion and modelling industry, as well as, media outlets to reduce the amount of mental health suffers due to this issue. Also, kids as young as 8 years old should be educations about healthy body image and the influences of media.


This article is part of two parts series in collaboration with The Standard Male. To take a look the article on The Standard Male click here.



One comment

  1. Don't Dis their ABILITY · October 17, 2016

    very inspirational video! thanks for sharing!


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