Dropping a size is as easy as changing stores.

Is it time to standardize clothing sizes in the Fashion Industry?


The answer is YES. This confusion and manipulative methods are played out in our heads. YES, it feels good to drop a size instantly but it’s also going to play with our self-esteem and confident level.


It is not unusual to find a range of different sizes in your wardrobe.


In Australia, there is no standard adults’ clothing size. Clothing designers, brands, and manufacturers based their sizing through their sales history, marketing hunches and their believe in an ideal measurement for a size.


This may not influence the designers themselves but it does give an instant “Feel good” factor to consumers.


Fashion industry expert CHOICE stated that this billion-dollar Australian industry fails to get sizing regularity. This is one of their major issues.


The latest data was taken in 2007 and from then onwards was seen as no longer relevant. It is no surprise that the standard Australians is bigger than it used to be and also multiculturalism has also brought along a wider range of body range. The average size of a female in Australia is a size 12.


The lack of standardized sizing in Australia is due to a few reasons

  • Vanity Sizing:
    • Part of the problem is that Australians’ waistlines are getting wider and we can’t deny it.
    • Department store Myers exaggerated their measurements of a size 8, 10, 12 and 14 by a few centimetres, highlighting it is a better fit for the customers
    • Country Road is known for tailoring their clothing one size down such that a size 12 customers would fit a size 10
  • The rise of size 0
    • Industry expert CHOICE said that all designers have an ideal body type in mind and tailor their clothing to fit them
  • Quality Control
    • Due to inadequate quality control by brands such that clothing producers are usually inconsistent because of mass manufacturing offshore.


This is a call for action! We should be able to walk into any department and know our size!



sizes, T. and stores., W. (2016). Clothing sizes in Australia – CHOICE. [online] CHOICE. Available at: https://www.choice.com.au/shopping/everyday-shopping/clothing/articles/clothing-size-irregularities [Accessed 12 Sep. 2016].



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