Pressure to be Perfect – Celebrity Edition


The word ‘Celebrity’ stands for PERFECTION.


However, from a celebrities perspective, the STRESS IS ON for young celebrities to look thinner and sexier than ever before.

AND why is that?

Does it have something to do with the media?

Celebrities are constantly analyzed, compares and highlight if their bodies do not meet the standards and requirements of the industry. If a celebrity is seen as if they have gained some weight, the media over exaggerate by highlighting their out of control lifestyle until their life is back on track.

The shocking horror on a number of magazines’  front cover titled as “The Best and Worst Beach Bodies” or “Best and Worst Dress’ standing on the shelves at all major supermarkets places an enormous  amount of pressure on keeping and maintaining the perfect body.

But we must keep in mind these celebrities are humans too. They have feelings!

At an undying amount of stress and pressure these celebrities go through day in day out has lead to major medical issues such as eating disorder and in the worse case, turning to illegal drugs to numb the pain.

A classic example would be Mary-Kate Olsen Mary-Kate Olsen was taken into care with eating disorder in 2004 due to the pressure to be prefect. Photos from recent months before admission showed “alarmingly thin girl with stick legs and sharp shoulder blades.”

Many other celebrities have highlighted the influence of media such that Jessica Simpson stated the influence of celebrity idols during her younger days and the pressure to be perfect in society and to look like the front cover magazine model.



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  1. Monique · September 20, 2016

    I hear this so clear and loud! I am going through the same. Just decided to tell the www, asking for support from that person that can, and in turn (like you) speaking to those that need to hear.


  2. Nick Wilkinson · September 23, 2016

    Great post, as well as the pressure to be thin there is also the pressure for them to look young despite the natural process of ageing. This can also lead to harmful plastic surgery and damaging mental health issues.


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