Should Australia Apply Strict BMI Regulations in the Fashion Industry?

For those who don’t know what BMI stands for here it is:

BMI stands for Body Mass Index which helps determine whether your weight range is between a healthy scale based on the average of your height and weight.

Following the last post, YES, Australia has somewhat tried to promote positive body image through a  ‘Voluntary’ Industry Code of Conduct.

My question here is: Why make it ‘voluntary’ when you can make it legally binding? Wouldn’t that be more effective than what we have now?

Before we cause get into it, let’s have a look what other countries have done to promote healthy body image.

In March 2015, the French government passed a legislation to ban underweight models at the Paris Fashion Week. It was thought that this passing of regulation could see the rest of the world to follow, especially within the modelling industries.

Under the bill, modelling agencies and managers must make sure all models meet a certain body mass index and provide a medical certificate from a professional doctor; without a certificate, modelling agencies are forbidden to accept employment. If any agencies who fails to oblige under this legislation will receive up to $100,00 AUD fine or face up to six months’ imprisonment.

France is not the first country to implement regulations and promote positive body weight through reforming the fashion industry. Countries such as Spain, Italy, Israel, Chile and Belgium have also placed strict legislation to not only protect the models but also encourage healthy body weight to its nation.

Why can’t Australia have rules and policies like French put enforce?

It’s time for a change in our policies! Models should not be working in inhumane conditions putting their personal lives at risk. Media need to stop photoshopping each and every part creating a materialistic and fabricated image to their audience.  Clothing should look good on everyone, all shapes and sizes.



Studio Legal Melbourne. (2015). BMI Regulation in the Fashion Industry – Studio Legal Melbourne. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Sep. 2016].



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