What has Australia done so far to promote positive image?


During my research, I came passed an article by Jennifer on Studio Legal questioning if the Australian Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct for the Fashion, Media, and Advertising Industry was enough to promote positive body image to youth.

As the society is becoming more aware of body image, self-esteem and the close link to mental health, the shift towards advocating for this matter has increased. And some Fashion Industry has responded

And some fashion industry has responded

In 2015, the Australian Fashion Week saw designers ‘We Are Handsome’ presented their most recent clothing line with models with different body shapes. This received a positive response from the audience and media and was the first to see changes within the Australian Fashion Industry such that more plus-size model was seen on the runway, magazines, and posters.

In 2009 The National Advisory Group on Body Image was selected by the Australian Government to develop a code of guideline.

The guidelines included:

  • adopting more body friendly practices
  • encourage diversity during model selection
  • a wider range of clothing sizes in retail outlets
  • the use of realistic and natural images of people
  • highlight when an image has been manipulated.

This code of guideline was named the Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct for the Fashion, Media, and Advertising Industry.

While this ‘voluntary’ code of conduct is to promote healthy body image and action within the industry.  The only problem about this IT IS VOLUNTARY, hence, the fashion companies and modelling agencies are not legally obliged to following these guidelines. Thus, the body image diversity is far-removed from the standard.

My question here is should Australia implement stricter rules or even set a binding policy within the fashion, media and advertising industry.

Stay tune to the next post as we continue to discover what the other countries have done to promote healthy body image.


Studio Legal Melbourne. (2015). BMI Regulation in the Fashion Industry – Studio Legal Melbourne. [online] Available at: http://studiolegal.com.au/bmi-regulation-in-the-fashion-industry-blog/ [Accessed 5 Sep. 2016].


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