Youth Mental Health Organisations in Australia

I have decided the most appropriate way to  start this campaign off is by  list out Australian organisations that are involved with adolescence and helped promote positive wellbeing.

First and foremost before l dive into it, I would like to thank all organisations, big or small, internationally or domestically for promoting this course. These organisations have worked endlessly to assist those in need and/or those who knows of someone who is suffering some form of mental health disorder.

International Organisation

Domestic Organisation

Each of these organisation offers different ways to help, inform and support each and every youth in Australia such as 24 hours hotline, online support and informative videos and blog post. Not only are these organisations aim to educate the youth of Australia but also parents and teachers.

Check them out! These websites are free and always willing to help out, talk to you and keep bring a smile to your day

To those who are currently serving with mental health, don’t let it affect, you’re not the only one. Let’s join, hand in hand and combat this issue!

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